What is Chemotherapy ?

Chemotherapy or simply “chemo” is a common name for treatments that apply chemical agents (drugs) to destroy cancer cells. It is used to explain drugs which kill cancer cells directly and so called anti-cancer” drugs. Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which develop and divide quickly.

Chemotherapy is used for different purposes like:

  • Cure the cancer
  • Maintain the cancer from scattering
  • Lighten symptoms (when the cancer cannot be healed)
  • Contract tumors before surgical treatment or radiation therapy

Chemotherapy drugs can be taken alone or in combination to treat different cancers. Depending on the kind of cancer and how complex it is, chemotherapy can either cure cancer or control it from spreading. When chemotherapy wipe out cancer cells to the point that your doctor cannot spot them in your body again and they will not develop back. When chemotherapy maintains cancer from scattering to other areas, sluggish its growth, or kills cancer cells that have extended to other parts of your body. Chemotherapy also contracts tumors that are causing pain or pressure.

Chemotherapy Treatment Center

Adams county Cancer center is the leading cancer hospital in Ohio with highly qualified and experienced radiation Oncologists. Our Medical Oncology department provides medical expertise for the treatment and prevention of solid tumors and hematologic neoplasm.

Patients get chemotherapy, maintenance and customary follow-ups as outpatients. For patients requiring both radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment, Adams County Cancer Center is the perfect treatment center, providing both the therapies at single suitable location with a dedicated team of doctors committed to providing excellent harmonized care.